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Welcome to Lakeland/Larsen Elevator Corp.

Where public safety, quality service, and good communication at a competitive price is our commitment to you.

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Lakeland Larsen Elevator Corporation located in Lake County Illinois.  Established in 1967, incorporated in 1970, we are a full-service elevator company with experience in all areas of the elevator industry including construction, modernization, maintenance, service and repairs of all types of vertical transportation, including dumbwaiters, hydraulic or traction passenger and freight elevators.  We specialize in providing quality preventative maintenance programs, service repairs, testing, ADA/life safety upgrades, modernization and the installation of new elevators.  Since the company was founded we pride ourselves on the following principles: 

  • Providing safe and reliable vertical transportation.
  • Provide a first class service to all of our customers.
  • Provide first class service to elevator equipment.
  • Minimize costs to the building owner.
  • Minimizing inconvenience to tenants.
  • Good communication. 
  • Quick responses.
  • Be proactive.
  • Use only quality materials.
  • Custom preventive maintenance programs for each elevator under our care. 

We appreciate your service as if we were a major client.  I understand that we have 1 ... ONE elevator with 2 TWO floors.  But all of y'all have responded to our needs as though we were the Hancock.  It's how we do business and I wanted you and your team to know that it doesn't go unrecognized nor unappreciated.  Thank you and the Best Holiday wishes for all in the Lakeland Larsen family.   Gods best, Ron.

Ron G.

Lakeland Larsen Elevator Corp

Lakeland Larsen has been our elevator company for many years.  Quality service, timely inspections/maintenance and annual elevator requirements always filled on time.  We trust this company wholeheartedly.

Becky S.

Lake County Church
Lakeland Larsen Elevator Corp