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Elevator code compliance is simultaneous with public safety, service & reliability. All testing and code related repairs required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and the Illinois State Fire Marshal, can be performed by Lakeland Larsen Elevator for you, and corrections to all of your elevator’s code related issues can be handled with one simple phone call. We also understand that many of the tests can be time consuming, confusing and burdensome to the building owner. If desired, the elevator testing and inspections can be part of our service contract with you, so that all of the tests are scheduled with our office and you no longer have to worry about who, when, why and how.

The knowledge, experience, training and dedication provided to you by the elevator industry professionals at Lakeland Larsen Elevator goes beyond what you’ll find at your typical elevator company. Our field staff is familiar with and trained on Illinois elevator code to ensure you will not pay for any unnecessary inspection fees or to correct deficiencies. We maintain a healthy working relationship with all inspectors, inspection agencies, the Illinois State Fire Marshal, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction in your area.

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