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At Lakeland Larsen Elevator, we believe the building owner is entitled to stewardship, and should receive an elevator that is not only functional, but fully maintainable for many years.  Our goal is to install elevator equipment that is:  

  • Universally maintainable.
  • A proprietary tool shall not be required for adjustment or maintenance.
  • Diagnostics shall be built in.
  • Parts shall be available.
  • Manuals and drawings shall be provided.
  • Technical training shall be available.
  • Engineering and technical support shall be available.
  • The control manufacturer shall provide direct support to the end user. 

A quality installation translates into savings to the building owner.  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), build elevator control systems that can only be accessed by using a special electronic service tool.  These tools utilize patented or copyrighted proprietary software to communicate with the elevator’s computer.  When this proprietary software and equipment is installed, the building owner is limited to the elevator company that installed it.  The Original Equipment Manufacturer retains ownership of the service tool and essentially maintains ownership of the elevator equipment.  This makes it very difficult for the property owner to control maintenance and service costs.

Lakeland Larsen Elevator installs equipment that imposes no restraints on the ability to service and maintain elevator controls systems.  All products are non-proprietary, complete with comprehensive on board diagnostics, which require no special service tools.  Once installed, any reputable elevator technician can appropriately maintain this equipment.

Lakeland Larsen Elevator Corporation is the Northern Illinois distributor for the original equipment manufacturer Schumacher Elevator Company in Denver, Iowa. Schumacher manufactures elevators for independent elevator companies, like ours and across the nation, as well some of the international elevator companies. They have been in business for over 75 years.
Motion Control Engineering’s philosophy of manufacturing open market, non proprietary elevator control systems is congruent with Lakeland Larsen’s marketing strategy. Succinctly, our philosophy insures that there are no restraints on the ability of the building owner and contractor to service and maintain MCE elevator controls systems. MCE provides lifetime support to the end user through Lakeland Larsen Elevator.
Building on the years of experience developing reliable control functions, Vertitron Midwest Inc. has created a state-of-the-art control system for elevators which can be configured for all group sizes, capacities and speeds and has a customizable design to support special applications, which are capable of running virtually any elevator. Every controller includes a plain language display screen for elevator effective elevator diagnostics and efficient navigation. Technical support and fault-finding functionality, provides a reliable elevator system while delighting elevator professionals.
Elevator Controls was established in 1986, and is a highly regarded manufacturer of non-proprietary, microprocessor-based elevator controls. All controllers are designed to make installation and adjustment simple, and their innovative, simplified system architecture makes powerful technology easy to use. With equipment designed and engineered using appropriate, proven technology, every controller is equipped with diagnostics onboard to adjust and maintain ensuring years of field reliability.
Virginia Controls is one of the oldest and most respected independent controller manufacturers in the country. With more than 100 years cumulative design experience in elevator controls, their technical staff custom-designs products specifically for elevator applications. All of the programming software is non-proprietary, and field changeable parameters allow easy adjustment at the jobsite, avoiding costly and time-consuming changes. This allows the end user the flexibility for maintenance with any elevator service organization. Reliability, simplicity and ease of installation are the hallmarks of a Virginia Controls product.