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Our Response to COVID 19

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If at any time you become aware of a possible COVID 19 exposure at your building, please let us know immediately.

To our Valued Clients-

At this point COVID 19 needs no fancy introduction. This letter is intended to explain Lakeland/Larsen Elevator Corporation’s response plan to the Governor’s Stay-At-Home Executive Order that was issued on 3/20/20.

Yesterday we also received a directive from the Local 2 of the I.U.E.C., the governing authority of the Elevator Union stating:

“To All Members & Signatory Companies: Elevator Constructor work is classified as Essential. This means that all Construction, Repair, Modernization and Contract Service can Continue as usual.”

Lakeland/Larsen Elevator Corporation understands this to mean that we are allowed to work with you in devising a plan to come into your buildings for elevator service, repair, contract work, and modernization during this challenging time. We have already spoken with many of you and have a plan in place should emergency service be required. If your property or business has any specific requests or special requirements we should know about, please contact our office at 847-249-4433.

While we understand elevator services are considered essential, Lakeland/Larsen Elevator Corporation will be implementing the following practices during the Governor’s Stay At Home Order:

  • Our Office will have a reduced staff for the purpose of dispatching emergency service calls and shutdowns during office hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Non-business hours will remain as usual and our phones will be turned over to our live answering service for dispatch.
  • Our Mechanics/Field Staff will be available to handle emergency calls and shutdowns as they come in. Our mechanics will continue performing all elevator services as contracted to ensure your elevators are operating as intended, safely. As an additional service, while our mechanics are working in your buildings they will be cleaning the hall call buttons, interior cab buttons and handrails with an approved and recommended cleaner to combat the virus from spreading.

This is also a convenient time to notify everyone that Thompson Elevator Inspection Service, with the support of the IL State Fire Marshal has suspended all Category 1 and Category 5 testing beginning Saturday March 21st through May 3rd. Thompson is working now to reschedule the remaining March and all April appointments into May. It will be a chaotic time, but we can do it if everyone remains flexible and understanding.

If at any time you become aware of a possible COVID 19 exposure at your building, please let us know immediately.